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Senna for Gut which is out of order

Senna for Gut which is out of order

Hello my dear friends, I welcome you all to our blog section where we have been discussing health benefits of various ingredients we deal with when we produce IndusViva products.

In today’s blog we will be discussing about one more interesting herb known as Senna. Again, a traditional herb very widely used in Ayurveda, referred to as Svarnapatri. It is used for various medicinal purposes, including constipation.
According to Ayurveda, Senna helps in managing constipation due to its Rechana (laxative) property. Taking Senna leaf powder along with lukewarm water also helps in managing weight by improving the Agni (digestive fire) and digestion due to its Deepan (appetizer) and Usna (hot) property.

Senna helps in managing blood sugar levels by increasing the insulin production due to its antioxidant property. It also helps to remove worms from the intestine due to its anthelmintic property.

Senna is an herbal laxative used to treat constipation and empty bowel. This medication is a stimulant laxative that increases the intestines’ activity to cause a bowel movement.

From ancient times, Cassia angustifolia (Indian or Tinnevelly senna), large genera of flowering plants are used as stimulant laxatives to treat patients. The key components extracted from Senna are anthraquinone derivatives and senna glycosides (sennosides). From which the sennosides inhibit electrolytes and increase the chloride secretion from the colon resulting in intestinal fluid accumulation.

Furthermore, Senna glycosides hydrolyse to release the active metabolites, rhein and rhein- anthrone (local irritants) into the colon with the help of colonic bacteria that promotes peristalsis and evacuation.

Senna is not only used for relieving constipation, but also in conditions like inflammatory bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and weight loss programs.

With all the good features of this herb, IndusViva has incorporated this wonder herb into its iSlim Flat Tummies.

iSlim Flat Tummies is presented as a bar formulation which helps in weight management. Along with other herbal ingredients in iSlim, Senna helps to maintain a healthy gut by evacuating the bowel at right intervals. Having a clean bowel and gut is one of the important steps in weight management as Ayurveda says, the root cause for many of the ailments is the gut. Having said that maintaining a healthy gut is of prime importance.

The other ingredients in iSlim help in detoxifying the body by accumulating all of those in your gut and Sennahelps in throwing them out of the body. 

iSlim Flat Tummies when consumed on daily basis combined with a controlled diet and daily physical exercises, help in maintaining a healthy weight.

Friends, in the next episode of our blog we will come back with one more important herb and useful information on that herb. Till then please take care of your health. Stay Healthy!


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