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Kashmiri Saffron – For Glow and Radiance

Kashmiri Saffron – For Glow and Radiance

Hi guys, welcome back to our blog section. Like every week I will be sharing with you the information on ingredients that go into the making of our product.

Have you heard about saffron?

If you haven’t, it’s time we have a chat. And if you have, I’m about to break down the myths and discuss the true benefits of saffron.

Everybody wants to be beautiful. Beauty offers a source of joy and gives self-assurance and pride to some extent. Since ancient times, it has been an intense desire of human beings to be more and more attractive .

Saffron is a natural skin brightening enhancer and has been used for blemish control. It’s been around for thousands of years and was revered by ancient cultures.

Saffron is a primeval and expensive herb. Indian Saffron from Kashmir valley has been conferred as a beauty ingredient through the early texts of Ayurveda in 3rd century AD. It has been a time-honoured ingredient in nurturing skin, moisturizing, making it blemish free and radiant. With its amazing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, Saffron is an ideal ingredient for managing acne and skin breakouts.

Saffron has healing properties which can hasten the process of skin recovery. It contains antioxidant compounds, which may help reduce the risk of certain chronic conditions that have an association with oxidative stress.

Saffron is beneficial for the skin in many ways. The antioxidants present in it is known to treat several skin infections and beautify the skin. Hence, regular intake of saffron can help provide fairer and glowing skin.

Saffron benefits your health in numerous ways, and research is exploring more about this wonderful spice.

The scientific studies suggest that many beneficial activities of saffron include boosting mood, increasing libido, reducing PMS symptoms and fighting oxidative stress. Saffron is usually safe for most people to consume, and it is very simple to add to the diet.

It has been a time-honoured ingredient in nurturing skin, making it blemish free and radiant.

iGlow, the first of its kind product under internal cosmetic category, comes loaded with Kashmiri saffron about which we have illustrated in this topic. iGlow with saffron is a one stop solution for all your healthy skin needs. Consume iGlow and gift your skin the radiance and glow that it deserves.

Next week I will come back with more information on some of the potent herbs that we have incorporated in our products. Till that time, please take care. Happy wellness!

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